Monday, January 5, 2009

Jams Are Returning - Tuesday Jan 6th

Just a quick not to everyone that the weekly jams will be returning this week to A Dough Re Mi. The first jam will be Tuesday, January 6th at 8PM.

Over the past year, Tommy Thunderfoot has been our weekly jam master and has done an outstanding job. In addition to his outstanding musicianship, Tommy has also fostered the growth of the musician community and helped guide many novice musicians on the stage. I think its safe to say that the jams, and the Lowcountry Blues Club, would not be where they are today without the guidance of Tommy Thunderfoot. Thank you Tommy, you've done an amazing job.

However, things do change. Unfortunatley, Tommy has decided to take a break from the weekly jam master duties. We will miss Tommy and hope that he decides to return in the future. Luckily, Tommy will be staying on as a board member and will continue to provide his leadership there.

I don't have official word on this yet, but the rumor is that Dan Wright will be taking over as our jam master. As you may know, Dan is also an amazing musician. What you probably don't know is that Dan is an experienced jam master from Detroit. If you have noticed that Dan's blues have a funky Motown vibe, now you know why.

We welcome Dan as the new jam master (assuming that it is official), and look forward to seeing the direction he takes the jams in.

So come on out on Tuesday and enjoy the music.

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