Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend

Hi all -- There's good music ahead this weekend, once again. On Friday night, Tommy Thunderfoot and the Accelerators will be playing at the Wescott Bar and Grill in Summerville, at 5000 Wescott Drive. Several blues club members went all the way to Jacksonville, FL to see Tommy and the band play at the Springing the Blues Fest this past weekend, and had lots of fun. And Summerville's so much closer -- so get on over there!

Then Saturday is one of those nights when there's too much going on, but that's a good thing, I guess. Cole Train is now in the FINALS of the Battle of the Bands at Village Tavern, and they need lots of fans to come out and cheer them on to win! It starts around 9 pm-ish. Also there's Tim Shaw & Friends starting at 9-ish at A Dough Re Mi -- sure to be a good time. And Tommy Thunderfoot at Home Team BBQ in West Ashley too -- so whatever you do, don't sit at home and miss out on all the fun!

Lastly, on Sunday at 3 pm, Ranny and Wyatt Garey will play with Reverend Palmer at a gospel fest at Riverside Park (near the Navy base), which will feature the nationally known gospel group called The Mighty Clouds of Joy, and other bands.

And as always, be sure to come out on Tuesday night for the jam at A Dough Re Mi. This past Tuesday we had several new players, and much good music for all.

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