Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Up for a Cruise?

It's Kathleen, I thought I'd let you know about some upcoming music cruises in Charleston Harbor.

As part of Piccolo, Smoky Weiner is performing on a cruise tomorrow night, May 27th, onboard the Spirit of Charleston. Boarding will be at the 7:30pm, at the Fountain Walk Dock, 360 Concord St. Admission is $15. (843)724-7305, www.piccolospoleto.com. By the way, for all upcoming events for Smoky Weiner and the Hot Links, click the bandname link.

Shrimp City Slim also has some Blues and BBQ cruises coming up soon--May 29th, this Friday night, and again June 11th, on the Carolina Belle. Boarding time is 6:30 pm at the Charleston Maritime Center at 10 Wharfside Street. The barbeque is provided by HomeTeam. Tickets are $32.50. For more information on the cruises, please see http://www.zerve.com/HarborTours/BBQBlues. For all Shrimp's upcoming shows, click the link with his name.

Please stay tuned to blog posts for the rest of what's coming up this weekend, also please don't forget the usual jams Wednesdays and Thursdays. 'Expect one more email from me--A Dough Re Mi, Skye, Tommy, Dan, Jojo are a few of those with shows this upcoming weekend....

kmw 5/26/09

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