Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3-8

Greetings there Blues babes!! I never in a million years woulda thunk there were this many Blues events going on in the Lowcountry at one time! So gird your loins and fasten your seatbelts - it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Today being Tuesday, we'll start at the top and you will see - there are more then enough Blues Events to keep our blues-lovin'-behinds out of trouble this week.

November 3rd, Tuesday 8:30ish A Dough Re Mi hosts our weekly jam. The more the merrier, and what better chance to meet other members of our club?

November 4, Wednesday (5-8).
Shrimp City Slim takes the horror out of hump day at the Mad River Bar and Grill. No cover, Great location (on the market downtown); great atmosphere, great food, great tunes - Shrimp and the guys make Wednesday worth waiting for! (online info for Shrimp City Slim - http://www.shrimpcityslim.com/home.html; and Mad River- http://www.madrivercharleston.com/)

November 5-8 (Thurs-Sun)
1st ANNUAL PEE DEE BLUES BASH; Florence, SC (http://www.peedeebluesbash.com/)
Florence will rock the Blues from Thursday, November 5th, at 5:30 with Deb Callahan straight through to Sunday, November 8th, at 2 when Drink Small doctors us up! You can't beat the price - free is fantastic! With 11 venues and 24 shows, the 1st Pee Dee Blues Bash will be the beginning of a beautiful thing.

If you can't make it to Florence this weekend there is plenty to do closer to home.

November 6th, Friday, trot yourself down to the Circular Church on Meeting Street at 7:00. Go to Church!! No more excuses with events tailor-made for us. Shrimp City Slim put the blues in the pews, with the 'Blues :Unplugged series. We can look forward to some cool acoustic tunes to kick off the cool weather.

Saturday the 7th should find you at A Dough Re Mi for the National Slide Guitar Festival and Competition. The event starts at 6, but you might want to go early to snag a good spot. The 5$ cover will be well spent to hear these guitar heroes.

Finally, if you are looking to give back to the community, check this out: Local Music on the Farm, Sunday, November 8th, 12-5. http://localmusiconthefarm.com/. Skye Paige and a raft of local bands will be making music on the Farm stage. Good food, good eats, good bands, good cause - sounds like a good time.

Have a great weekend ya'll!


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