Saturday, July 31, 2010

recording of the jams on facebook

This is not a regular blog post. I just wanted to let everyone know I have been recording the jams for the past couple of weeks and if you want to download the recordings you can find them at the following link:

You can find the recordings by going to the Lowcountry Blues Club Facebook page and clicking on the "My Band" tab. That will take you to the recordings where you can listen to or download the songs. The club is not making a single penny by having the recordings either. It is just an added bonus to the members by tracking progress and recording great jams. The recordings are a tool to help you and it is included in you membership. We are trying this to see how it works, so please give us your feedback at Have a great weekend and thanks for your time!

Take it light,
JP Jones Jr.

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Double X said...

I FOUND YOU! My wife, Lesa, & I are in the process of being transferred from Atlanta to Charleston. I wondered if there was a "Blues Scene" here in Charleston & I FOUND YOU! We've yet to get settled, but WHEN we do you can count on seeing us out & about. We've got some GREAT Blues folks in Atlanta, & looking forward to seeing what Charleston has to offer. Looking forward to it!
Double X & Lesa Lu