Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turntable rocks

Greetings, all -

We told you recently about Spotify - now there's a new music app you may be interested in, and it's called turntable. From what we understand, it's still in beta form - that is, they're still working out the kinks in it before it goes public. So not everyone can get it just yet. But if you're on facebook, and have a friend who's using turntable already, then you have an in. It doesn't work well with all web browsers, so the site suggests you upload Chrome for best results. If you get into the site, what you'll find are rooms full of people playing and listening to all kinds of music. Some rooms have a narrow focus, such as just Americana or just Indie Rock or just Metal. Others have more of a mix - maybe "Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul", for instance. I prefer to go into a room that doesn't have a lot of people in it, and that way I can be one of the djs, instead of just a listener. If you like a song that someone plays, you hit a button that says "Awesome" and that makes your little avatar's head bop along to the music! In many rooms, it's considered polite to "awesome" most songs, unless you really hate it, in which case you can hit "lame" instead.

There are more details that you'll learn about if you give it a try. I really enjoy the chance to play music by local Charleston artists for people all over the country who've never heard of some of my favorite musicians. Some of the local bands that you can find on turntable already are these: Cary Ann Hearst, A Fragile Tomorrow, Heyrocco, The Explorers Club, Skye Paige, The Whisperjets, White Rhino, and Lindsay Holler. Just type in the name of your favorites, and maybe they're there, too!

This weekend -

Friday: The Louie D Project (w/ JR Getches) is at The Brick House Kitchen on Folly. 3 X Lucky (w/ Scott Bucholtz and Jojo Wall) is at Bushido in West Ashley, James Brown Dance Party at the Pour House

Friday and Saturday: Johnny Mac & The BootyRanch is at the Sand Dollar Social Club

Saturday: Wanda Johnson & Shrimp City Slim host the Blues & BBQ Harbor Cruise which sails 6-8 pm $39.95 (tax included) per person, covers BBQ buffet, harbor cruise, concert. Also, Starling (w/ Captain Kirk) is at The Bottom while The Louie D Project is at the Silver Dollar. And Mac Leaphart and A Fragile Tomorrow play for a benefit at the Windjammer.

The Lowcountry Blues Club now has TWO weekly jam nights. Smokey’s Place Sports Bar & Grill at 1213 Remount Road in North Charleston is hosting a weekly jam from 5 pm to 9 pm on Sundays.



If you want to see your band's gigs in this newsletter, send all the details to, with "For the blog" as the subject line. We usually send out the newsletter on Thursday or Friday, so get the info in before Wednesday, please. Or just post to facebook directly!

November's featured artists are Dr. John, Delbert McClinton, Bonnie Raitt, and Susan Tedeschi.

Check out some of our recordings from the Wednesday jams at

See you at the jams!

LMW and SB, November 17, 2011

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