Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guest writing opportunity for the LBC newsletter. . .

Members, would you like to write for the newsletter?

It takes about 1000 words about an artist. Typically,
the artist's birthday month is a guideline of when an
article would appear about him or her. (BB was in
September, Son House in March).

Information covered includes:
• Who they are, where and when they were born, and
what their legacy is in Music.

• How did they get into music? What are their best
known singles? Musical stylings? Who was their hero or

• If they have passed away, are there festivals or honors
they've received posthumously? Is there a website in
their honor? If they are still alive, where and when are
they performing for the next three months? What is their

Articles are due by the Sunday night, to
appear in the newsletter at the following Tuesday
night's Jam. I need time to format it in the space
provided, check for typos, missing words, etc.

Expect a byline in the newsletter.
This means, if you are submitting an article
to Kathleen's email,,
also provide your name.

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