Thursday, February 26, 2009

weekend plans

Greetings to all Lowcountry Blues Club people!

This weekend there are a couple of shows you should check out if you can. On Friday night, Feb 27, Skye Paige will be at Hometeam BBQ in West Ashley, and the cover is listed as only $5 -- I'm sure it will be well worth it, and lots of fun! And on Saturday you can see JoJo in Momma's Blues Palace Band at Budiroes on the Isle of Palms at 1517 Palm Blvd, and the cover is $10 -- and they always put on a wild show! And rumor has it that Tommy Thunderfoot will be there, celebrating his upcoming birthday too.

Then you can rest up for a couple of days, and be ready to come out and play at the Tuesday Night jam at A Dough Re Mi. Last week's jam with Dan Wright as host was really great, and this coming week is sure to be wonderful as well. If you're a musician, be sure to look at the new guidelines for playing in the jam -- we'll have copies at the Dough, as we try to bring a little bit of order to the jam. The most important guideline is that we want each musician to wait until your name is called before coming up to the stage. This should help with some of the volume level issues -- if we keep a reasonable number of people on the stage at one time, then we can keep a better handle on the volume as well. We should also keep in mind that we're there to have fun and play the blues, and we need to keep a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie foremost in mind.

So, here's to lots of great music in the coming weekend, and many great Tuesday nights to come!
And thanks for being a part of it!

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