Friday, December 23, 2011

Best Wishes to All & to All a Great Gig!

Happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Ashura/Festivus… Oh, Happy Day! If you’re reading this, you are probably a member, fan or follower of the Lowcountry Blues Club. In which case, there should be no need to extol the virtues of the Blues Club. Though, I will anyway… Through your interest, participation and dues, you have the honor and good fortune to be a part of something truly special. I say this not as an Officer or Board Member but as a player thrilled and blessed to have the ability to participate. What happens on Wednesday’s AND Sunday’s is something to behold.

In the spirit of The Season, I would personally like to give thanks! To Mike Davis from Ye Olde Music for suggesting that I go to a Blues Jam upon my arrival in town. To Tim Shaw, Billy Gadol and all former and current Officers and Board Members for all of their time and efforts behind the scenes to ensure that we all continue to have this amazing opportunity. To the owners and staff of first A Dough Re Mi and now Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ and Smokey’s Place for having the vision and appreciation and allowing us to do our thing. To Dan Wright and all of the “House” musicians for always ensuring that the show is world class. To Greg Levkus for not getting too upset with how hard I hit his drums! To Captain James Kirk for a list of things far too long to mention. To all of the TALENT for giving and sharing inspiration that goes far beyond anything that I can describe. Finally, to everyone who has participated in any way on stage and off. By paying attention, from the looks in your eyes and on your faces. For the words of appreciation and encouragement. For the unbelievable communal experience that is a result of this EAR CANDY FOR THE SOUL!

Once again, I’ll suggest: Give/Share the GIFT OF MUSIC! Not just over the holidays but throughout the year. All of us, regardless of any personal situation, can afford to do that.

Scott Bucholtz

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