Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blues for your weekend

Hello Blues People (and animals). Here’s what I’ve got for this week: Weekend gigs at Dough Re Mi are Friday 12/18, The Highway 17 Blues Band-10pm $5 cover andSaturday 12/19 it’s Jeff Norwood's Dobro Christmas Show-9pm. Go to for the full schedule.

Hometeam BBQ West Ashley has Joe Taylor’s trio Wicked Felinas on Thursday December 17th I know Joe Taylor. If you want to hear the guitar being played please go see his trio. Usually Stevie Kent plays drums and Paul Tucker on the bass. I could go on about who all of them they have played with but you might not believe me.

Danielle Howle and her group play on Saturday the 19th. One of the great local songwriters and performers.

At Sullivan’s Island Hometeam they have a sort of throwback celebration of Bert’s Bar with the Bert’s Bar Christmas Reunion this Friday and Saturday with Burnside Exploration. I am hoping this has something to do with the influence of iconic bluesman R.L. Burnside and his son who is part of the North Mississippi All Stars. Also appearing are Rik Cribb, Graham Whorley, Triple Lindy and others. Mac Leaphart plays on Thursday.

Ann Caldwell and Loose Fitt play the the Jazz Factory at the South of Broadway Theater, 1080 Montagu Avenue in North Charleston on Saturday from 7-10pm. $20 tix covers dinner, beverages and dancing. Check out She welcomes local musicians to join the band but please don’t go up there just to entertain yourself. You should have something specific in mind to add to the band and the enjoyment of the people Ann will be trying to entertain! Play something that fits what she’s trying to do and don’t just “noodle” around.

Steve Padgett and myself, Smoky Weiner will have a little jam at Bowens as we do every Friday night from 6:30 until 10. You can come and play anything you want at this jam because its more just for fun. On Saturday Steve Padgett and I will play at Iacofano’s in Mt. Pleasant which is at 625 Coleman Blvd. near Wild Wings. You can bring three cans of food or a toy and get to chow down on their appetizer buffet for free!

The Mill on Montague Av. in North Charleston has Chuck “The Cat” Morris and Shrimp City Slim on Tuesday night December 22nd. The Mill is smoker friendly if that is important to you.

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