Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Greetings Blues Babes! Lots of info to share with ya’ll this week. Our Holiday season has started with a Big Blue Bang!
As ya’ll know, every Tuesday is jam night at Dough Re Mi, and I missed the boat by not getting this blog notice sent in time. Mea Culpa and 100 lashes with a wet noodle!
So, the Quebec Societe de Blues, in an effort to promote Quebec blues in Canada and the US, want us to know that they will be holding a concert in Quebec on December 1st. This event is to celebrate the participation of 25 Quebecois Blues Groups, including the duo of Claire “Lady Blues Theriault and Denis Viel; in the Memphis International Blues Challenge in January (in Memphis, of course!). If you happen to be in Quebec next month, pop in and show your support!
Our own SHRIMP CITY SLIM will be tinkling ivories (or is it tickling the ivories??) all around our fair state this week. On THURSDAY the 3rd, the SHRIMP CITY SLIM TRIO guys will be in GreenWOOD at TW Boons! The next day, Friday the 4th, the SHRIMPS will play with Wonderful WANDA JACKSON in GreenVILLE at the Brown Street Club. This makes for a happy combination of vocals and outstanding instruments done right by people who really enjoy what they do! (they may hold the keys to happiness in their hot little hands…) Finally, Saturday the 5th, the SHRIMPS will be back in Mount Pleasant at Dough Re Mi, seasoning the pizza with their spicy blues. Be there at 8, pay your 5 dollars, and come feel the blues! Go HERE: http://www.shrimpcityslim.com/home.html to get more details… (I know the plural for shrimp is shrimp, but I hate to call a trio a shrimp, hence the SHRIMPS…)
Friday, December 5th, TOMMY THUNDERFOOT and the ACCELERATORS will bring out the studio line up and smoke the ribs at Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ on Middle Street on Sullivan’s Island. Come and see the big dogs play -Tommy, Tommy, and Jo Jo to keep them straight! The show starts at 10:30, admission is 5 bux, memories are… priceless! More information is available at: http://www.tommythunderfoot.net/home.html
Jumping the gun and gazing into next week (crystal balls are sooo handy!) don’t forget about Blues in the Pews with SHRIMP CITY SLIM, at the Circular Church, Wednesday December 9 at noon.
And mark your daytimer for the awesome Jason Ricci and New Blood , bringin’ it on at the Dough on Friday, December 11th. The 12 dollar cover will be money well spent to hear their amazing rock/blues/jazz/jammin’ band!
So, here is my conundrum for the week. I personally think that Blues and Jazz are two distinct types of music. However, the rest of the world likes to lump them together. I decided to include the following information based more on fear of what we might miss, then certainty that the events belong in our Blues Blog. Better safe then sorry…
JIC (Just In Case) Jazz and the Blues are pretty much the same type of music, it might be worthwhile to check out the Christmas Jazz Vespers at the Circular Church, December 13th at 6 pm.http://www.charlestonarts.sc/
Just to make absolutely sure that we get our Blues on the 13th, catch David ‘Honeyboy” Edwards, Grammy winner for ’the best traditional blues album‘; on the Today Show and the NBS Nightly News Segment (info on Honeyboy can be found at his website, http://www.davidhoneyboyedwards.com/default.asp).
And while we are wondering about Jazz, The College of Charleston and the Charleston Jazz Initiative just got a donation of music and songs written by a local boy, Robert Spann Cathcart, Jr., between 1920-1960. The music provides insight into the culture, music and society of Charleston during this time frame, and is supposed to contain some cool blues tunes. Contact Avery’s Archives at 843-953-7609 or Karen Chandler at 843-953-5474.
Finally, JAZZ & BLUES in Florida wants us to know that they will have Blues shows all over their beaches and all over their long skinny state this week. They also have some cool-looking festivals coming up and their information can be found here : http://www.jazzbluesflorida.com/.
Have a Happy Blues week, all!
Singin’ SAM

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