Thursday, February 26, 2009

weekend plans

Greetings to all Lowcountry Blues Club people!

This weekend there are a couple of shows you should check out if you can. On Friday night, Feb 27, Skye Paige will be at Hometeam BBQ in West Ashley, and the cover is listed as only $5 -- I'm sure it will be well worth it, and lots of fun! And on Saturday you can see JoJo in Momma's Blues Palace Band at Budiroes on the Isle of Palms at 1517 Palm Blvd, and the cover is $10 -- and they always put on a wild show! And rumor has it that Tommy Thunderfoot will be there, celebrating his upcoming birthday too.

Then you can rest up for a couple of days, and be ready to come out and play at the Tuesday Night jam at A Dough Re Mi. Last week's jam with Dan Wright as host was really great, and this coming week is sure to be wonderful as well. If you're a musician, be sure to look at the new guidelines for playing in the jam -- we'll have copies at the Dough, as we try to bring a little bit of order to the jam. The most important guideline is that we want each musician to wait until your name is called before coming up to the stage. This should help with some of the volume level issues -- if we keep a reasonable number of people on the stage at one time, then we can keep a better handle on the volume as well. We should also keep in mind that we're there to have fun and play the blues, and we need to keep a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie foremost in mind.

So, here's to lots of great music in the coming weekend, and many great Tuesday nights to come!
And thanks for being a part of it!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Blues Bash is over, but Tuesday jams keep on going

Hi All --

Well, the annual Lowcountry Blues Bash organized by the amazing Shrimp City Slim (Gary Erwin) is now over until next year. I hope all of you got out to hear some of the great music that was happening all over town. It's usually a very sad thing when the blues bash is over, but we don't have to be too sad this year, because we still have the Tuesday night jams to look forward to every week! So mark the Tuesday jams on your calendar, and we'll see you at A Dough Re Mi very soon. The meeting/hang out time starts at 7, music starts around 8, and usually lasts till about 11. We're making an effort to keep the volume at a reasonable level, so just let us know if we need to remind the musicians to turn it down a little. We want this thing to be fun for everyone -- and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guest writing opportunity for the LBC newsletter. . .

Members, would you like to write for the newsletter?

It takes about 1000 words about an artist. Typically,
the artist's birthday month is a guideline of when an
article would appear about him or her. (BB was in
September, Son House in March).

Information covered includes:
• Who they are, where and when they were born, and
what their legacy is in Music.

• How did they get into music? What are their best
known singles? Musical stylings? Who was their hero or

• If they have passed away, are there festivals or honors
they've received posthumously? Is there a website in
their honor? If they are still alive, where and when are
they performing for the next three months? What is their

Articles are due by the Sunday night, to
appear in the newsletter at the following Tuesday
night's Jam. I need time to format it in the space
provided, check for typos, missing words, etc.

Expect a byline in the newsletter.
This means, if you are submitting an article
to Kathleen's email,,
also provide your name.

Monday, February 9, 2009

more blues

Hi all --

Well, the Blues Bash began on Friday, so I hope you've seen some good music over the past few days. Coming up is the Tuesday Night Blues Jam at A Dough Re Mi/Blues Bash Special. For this Tuesday night jam, the Lowcountry Blues Club members get in free, as usual. But non-members will have to pay a small cover, just this week, of five dollars. The music is always worth way more than $5 -- I can assure you! So come on out to the jam, and you're sure to have a great time. And don't forget to study your Blues Bash schedule at, make your picks, and see great music every day until the festival is over on Monday, Feb 16th.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blues Bash starts on Friday!

Hi All --

I hope everyone has checked out by now and has a copy of the entire Blues Bash schedule! The choices are mind-boggling -- so many great shows! Gary Erwin does an amazing job of organizing this every year. Many of our blues club members and friends will be at Sunday's All-Star Blues Jam at Home Team BBQ, so try not to miss that one. And A Dough Re Mi has shows almost every single night -- so those are great picks as well. As if the scheduled blues bash shows weren't enough, you should also know that Tommy Thunderfoot is playing at Budiroes on Isle of Palms on Friday and Saturday nights as a fundraiser for charity - I believe it's the March of Dimes -- so try to get over there too if you can.

We will be having the Tuesday night jam as usual at A Dough Re Mi, and expect to have some special guests in addition to our wonderful regulars. There might be a cover charge for this one special Tuesday night -- I don't know for sure. Some of the bash shows around town are free, some have cover charges -- but I know we all want to support live music -- and we're going to be having lots of fun over the next ten days! See you out there. . .

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hi All -- I hope everyone had a good weekend. Those of us who went out to see Cole Train on Saturday night were quite impressed with the band, which keeps getting better. Keep an eye on their myspace page to see when and where they'll play next. Also, all musicians should send their upcoming show information to Kathleen Wehle, for the blues club newsletter, and to Lua Wells, if you want it included in a blog post. Give us as many details as you can as to when, where, cover charge, time you expect to start playing, etc. Thanks! And we hope to see you on Tuesday night at A Dough Re Mi for the jam. . .