Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Forgotten were two major events I feel compelled to add: Steve James at Bowens Island on Friday, this Friday the 28th from 6:30 - 9:00 pm !!! He is flying here from Austin Texas for this show! Its the first of the Piccolo Spoleto blues On The Dock Series. Steve James has been on "A Prarie Home Companion", and other NPR shows and has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine among other things. He is a great slide and fingerpicking acoustic blues guitarist and mandolin player has toured extensively around the earth.
On Sunday May 30th from 4-8 is the Momma's Blues Palace Reunion with our own Tommy Thunderfoot and Company!!! Please come out to Bowens Island for these events and the other two events coming up, including the former guitarist of Muddy Waters' band, Bob Margolin on Sunday june 6 from 4-8.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Upcoming Events Around Town

Hey now, This is your upcoming weekend in Local Blues around town. I am John Paul Jones Jr and I will be covering the blog the forth weekend of the month. Listed below are local goings on and also Piccolo Spoleto events for the upcoming festival.

Something new that I will be doing is a weekly bio on local artist that frequent the blues club so be on the look out to learn more about all the players that make Wednesday night fun. If you are burning to get your bio on the blog come see me at the Jam this Wednesday and I will collect the necessary information needed. If you have any suggestions for the blues club of comments please mail us at Hope you have a great week and we look forward to seeing every one at the Wednesday night jam at Home Team BBQ West Ashley!!

Sunset Blues and BBQ Cruise
the “Carolina Belle”
5/27/2010 Thursday 6:30p to 9:00p
(repeats 11 times) Every other Thursday $39.50 a ticket and seating for these cruises are limited. Charleston Maritime Center, 10 Wharfside St.
Boards at 6:30 leaves at 7:00, Returns at 9:00

Mellow Down Easy Returns To Sc
6/24/2010 Thursday 10:00p
Fiery Ron's Hometeam Bbq

The Black Crowes
9/10/2010 Friday 7:30p
Family Circle Cup Stadium


“Early Bird Blues”
Drink Small 5-7
5/28 $11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
5/29 $11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
Jeff Beasley 5-7
5/30 $11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
Chillin’ 5-7
$11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
Norman Taylor 5-7
6/1 $11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
Freddie Vanderford & Brandon Turner 5-7
6/2 $11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
Chuck the Cat & Silent Eddie 5-7
$11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
Andy Coats 5-7
6/4 $11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
The King Bees 5-7
6/5 $11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
Juke Joint Johnny &Drew Baldwin 5-7
6/6 $11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
Eleanor Ellis 5-7
6/7 $11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
Veronika Jackson
6/8 $11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

“Early Bird Blues”
Rev. Marv Ward & Congaree 5-7
6/9 $11 Mad river Bar and Grill 32. N Market St. 843-723-0032

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here is this week's news in the blues....Tonight of course two things at once, the pourhouse has something called Juke Joint Duo which last time I mistakenly thought was Juke Joint Johnny but is in fact Cedric Burnside and Lightnin' Malcolm with Daryl Hance, so A) this is not our own JJJ nor is it a duo. A duo "with" someone is generally referred to as a "trio". Of course we hope JJJ will come to the weekly jam tonight and every Wed. night at Hometeam West Ashley. Thursday the 27th has a band from NY called Lil Cliff and the Cliffhangers coming to HT on Sullivans Island.
Please do not forget four great concerts coming up at Bowens Island, the first is Steve James from Austin Tx on Friday May 28th at 6:30 - 9:30pm and he is not to be missed tix are 21$ BUT FOR YOU, just come to the gate and show your card or even if you are a musician I know from the club and I'll let you in for 10 bucks flat! That's a deal! Steve has been on A Prarie Home Companion and has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine, etc. On Sunday the 30th is Momma's Blues Palace Re-union with Tommy Thunderfoot in his last gig here befo' he goes to Tampa!!! The other two gigs are Steady Rollin Bob Margolin (Muddy Water's lead guitarist for nine years) on Sunday June 6th from 4-8 and then on June 12th, the Saturday Night Fish Fry with Louis D, Ed Porkchop Meyer and myself, Smoky Weiner and the Hot Links. And the fish.

This Friday at the Po' House is the famous Itals. That's blues if you live Jamaica! On Saturday is Colonel Bruce Hampton whose drummer is Derek Truck's brother and they play plenty of great blues although they twist and morph into a few other things in the process. A very good show I guarantee!
Nature Boy Nik has had a mild seizure or maybe it was he seized somebody mildy but either way let's wish him well. He will open for Bob Margolin and his band at Bowens Island on Sunday June 6th. That gig is 4-8 by the way and I'll knock five bucks off for blues club people for that one as well as for the Momma's Blues Palace Reunion and for the Saturday night fish fry as well. Check your Piccolo Spoleto brochure or go to
That's it for now, I'll add anything good I find out about! - SW

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12 2010

Greetings Blues Fans

Tonight is the second Blues Club to held at Hometeam BBQ in West Asheley, and if you didn't show up last week you're sure not gonna want to miss tonight. Also tonight is Wyatt Garey's 18th birthday and to commemerate this even he is holding an open jam at Iacafanos so if you have time to go to both then I would strongly reccomend doing so.

This Friday is Wando High School's original music showcase also known as Wandoroo. This event will feature young Blues Club Members like Charlie Kendall and Quentin Ravenall. Also are local favorites such as The Whisperjets and The Makeshift. It is in Wando's Preforming Arts Center this Friday at 7:00. The cover charge is $5 and the proceeds will be donated to East Cooper Community Outreach.

Hope to see you there.


This week

This week we have Robert Paige & the Holy City Sinners, an extremely tight blues band featuring guitar and sax at Hometeam BBQ on Sullivan's Island on Saturday May 15. Cotton Blue plays at Aroma's, 50 Market St. starting at 7:30 on Friday and 7:00 on Saturday. Smoky Weiner, Steve and Ron Padgett and Capt. Kirk have a little blues jam on Bowens Island every Friday night at 6pm till about 10pm. Bring your instruments to that if you can! On Thursday the 13th Shrimp City Slim takes the boat out for a cruise with blues and BBQ from Hometeam will be served. Call Shrimp at 762-9125 or just be there by 6 as the boat leaves at 6:30 and returns at 9. On Wednesday May 19th at the Pour House on James Island there will be a night of blues with the Juke Joint Johnny and Drew Baldwin Duo, Cedric Burnside of the North Mississippi All Stars (and son of R.L. Burnside) and Lightnin' Malcolm backed up by Daryl Hance of MOFRO. Of course do not forget the new Blues Jam at Hometeam West Ashley every Wednesday and if last week is any indication, its really got some new life in it with some different folks we haven't seen lately coming out to check it out! Last but not at all least we have Wyatt Garey's birthday jam at Iacofano's tonight Wednesday the 12th at 6 pm until John can shove them out and lock the door. (At least that's what he does when I show up!) Ronnie Johnson has a songwriter's night on Tuesday the 18th so if you want to try out a new song in a place that has a nice stage and a real good sound system you should check out the Shrimp Shack on Ben Sawyer Blvd in Mt.P. That's all the news I can think of.....Smoky Weiner

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weekly jams are back!

Hi Blues Club Friends --

Thanks to all the great musicians who came out on Wednesday night, we had a fabulous first blues club jam at Home Team/West Ashley! Dan Wright is back as jam-master, Greg Levkus brought the drums, and Mark Schleiss played bass most of the night... Many of our favorite regular players came out: Tim Shaw (El Presidente), Jerry Newman, Jack Downey, Gary Wright, Captain Kirk, JR Getches, JP Jones, Sarah Cole, Matt Foster, Charlie Kendall, Smoky Weiner, Louis Dixson, and more. We're always happy to have new musicians join us as well -- this week we had Jon Hagar on keys, and Stephen Jenkins from Green Levels on keys as well, among others. Kelly Homan and Lua Wells sold memberships, founder Dereck Curry came over, and other faithful fans Linda Toporek, Gretha Shaw, Linda Cole, and Todd Cole had a fine time...

This weekend you may want to head over to Home Team/West Ashley for Skye Paige's cd release party with Dash Rip Rock, 8pm, Friday May 7. Skye does a mix of blues and rockabilly with a country twang, and Blues Club members have enjoyed her appearances at the weekly jams over the past couple of years, so it's exciting to see her having success with her first all-original cd - be there if you can! And also on Friday, you've got the regular Bowens Island jam as an option - also lots of fun!

On Monday May 10 there's a listening party at Monster Music celebrating the release of a new Dead Weather cd, 9pm, with free pizza and beer, and their used cds, dvds and lps are going to be half price - a great deal! (I love Monster Music!)

On Tuesday you can see Tommy Thunderfoot perform with the Accelerators at Home Team/West Ashley. There will be a guest appearance by Regi Blue, and if that's not enough to bring you out, they also have some new originals, Jonathan will be drummin',and JoJo will be on the bass...

On Wednesday May 12 there's the next weekly Blues Club Jam, 8 pm, also at Home Team/West Ashley. But before you head over, you may want to stop by Iacofano's in Mt Pleasant to wish Wyatt Garey, one of our favorite teens and a great young guitarist, a happy 18th birthday - I wish these two events weren't happening at the same time, but sometimes that's the way it goes -- too much fun stuff all at once!

There will be a couple of new people writing for the blog soon - thank you to JP and JR for volunteering to help keep you guys informed of upcoming music events!

So have fun, stay safe, and keep supporting live music...

LMW, May 6, 2010