Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here is this week's news in the blues....Tonight of course two things at once, the pourhouse has something called Juke Joint Duo which last time I mistakenly thought was Juke Joint Johnny but is in fact Cedric Burnside and Lightnin' Malcolm with Daryl Hance, so A) this is not our own JJJ nor is it a duo. A duo "with" someone is generally referred to as a "trio". Of course we hope JJJ will come to the weekly jam tonight and every Wed. night at Hometeam West Ashley. Thursday the 27th has a band from NY called Lil Cliff and the Cliffhangers coming to HT on Sullivans Island.
Please do not forget four great concerts coming up at Bowens Island, the first is Steve James from Austin Tx on Friday May 28th at 6:30 - 9:30pm and he is not to be missed tix are 21$ BUT FOR YOU, just come to the gate and show your card or even if you are a musician I know from the club and I'll let you in for 10 bucks flat! That's a deal! Steve has been on A Prarie Home Companion and has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine, etc. On Sunday the 30th is Momma's Blues Palace Re-union with Tommy Thunderfoot in his last gig here befo' he goes to Tampa!!! The other two gigs are Steady Rollin Bob Margolin (Muddy Water's lead guitarist for nine years) on Sunday June 6th from 4-8 and then on June 12th, the Saturday Night Fish Fry with Louis D, Ed Porkchop Meyer and myself, Smoky Weiner and the Hot Links. And the fish.

This Friday at the Po' House is the famous Itals. That's blues if you live Jamaica! On Saturday is Colonel Bruce Hampton whose drummer is Derek Truck's brother and they play plenty of great blues although they twist and morph into a few other things in the process. A very good show I guarantee!
Nature Boy Nik has had a mild seizure or maybe it was he seized somebody mildy but either way let's wish him well. He will open for Bob Margolin and his band at Bowens Island on Sunday June 6th. That gig is 4-8 by the way and I'll knock five bucks off for blues club people for that one as well as for the Momma's Blues Palace Reunion and for the Saturday night fish fry as well. Check your Piccolo Spoleto brochure or go to
That's it for now, I'll add anything good I find out about! - SW

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