Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weekly jams are back!

Hi Blues Club Friends --

Thanks to all the great musicians who came out on Wednesday night, we had a fabulous first blues club jam at Home Team/West Ashley! Dan Wright is back as jam-master, Greg Levkus brought the drums, and Mark Schleiss played bass most of the night... Many of our favorite regular players came out: Tim Shaw (El Presidente), Jerry Newman, Jack Downey, Gary Wright, Captain Kirk, JR Getches, JP Jones, Sarah Cole, Matt Foster, Charlie Kendall, Smoky Weiner, Louis Dixson, and more. We're always happy to have new musicians join us as well -- this week we had Jon Hagar on keys, and Stephen Jenkins from Green Levels on keys as well, among others. Kelly Homan and Lua Wells sold memberships, founder Dereck Curry came over, and other faithful fans Linda Toporek, Gretha Shaw, Linda Cole, and Todd Cole had a fine time...

This weekend you may want to head over to Home Team/West Ashley for Skye Paige's cd release party with Dash Rip Rock, 8pm, Friday May 7. Skye does a mix of blues and rockabilly with a country twang, and Blues Club members have enjoyed her appearances at the weekly jams over the past couple of years, so it's exciting to see her having success with her first all-original cd - be there if you can! And also on Friday, you've got the regular Bowens Island jam as an option - also lots of fun!

On Monday May 10 there's a listening party at Monster Music celebrating the release of a new Dead Weather cd, 9pm, with free pizza and beer, and their used cds, dvds and lps are going to be half price - a great deal! (I love Monster Music!)

On Tuesday you can see Tommy Thunderfoot perform with the Accelerators at Home Team/West Ashley. There will be a guest appearance by Regi Blue, and if that's not enough to bring you out, they also have some new originals, Jonathan will be drummin',and JoJo will be on the bass...

On Wednesday May 12 there's the next weekly Blues Club Jam, 8 pm, also at Home Team/West Ashley. But before you head over, you may want to stop by Iacofano's in Mt Pleasant to wish Wyatt Garey, one of our favorite teens and a great young guitarist, a happy 18th birthday - I wish these two events weren't happening at the same time, but sometimes that's the way it goes -- too much fun stuff all at once!

There will be a couple of new people writing for the blog soon - thank you to JP and JR for volunteering to help keep you guys informed of upcoming music events!

So have fun, stay safe, and keep supporting live music...

LMW, May 6, 2010

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