Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Board Of Directors And Officers Elected

I am pleased to announce that last night at the business meeting, the Lowcountry Blues Club elected a new Board of Directors and Officers. With this election, I have to say that the club is in good hands and should experience a great year under their guidance and leadership.

During the meeting, the club took a vote and decided that the best course of action would be to elected a Board of Directors and that the newly elected the Board of Directors would then elect three Officers for the club from the Board's membership. The Officers elected were President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

In alphabetical order by last name, the elected Board of Directors and Officers are:

Tommy Bright
Craig Campany
Greg Cooper
Chip Hall - President
Greg Hutson - Treasurer
Rob Lowe
Tim Shaw
Lua Wells - Secretary

All of these people have been great supporters of the Lowcountry Blues Club for the past year, represent a good mix of musicians and fans, and all have great ideas and valuable input about the club and the direction it should take in the coming year.

In addition to electing Officers, the new Board also requested that some additional club members serve as non-voting advisers to the Board. Dereck Curry was asked to serve as an adviser and to continue the work as website administrator; Kathleen Wehle was asked to serve as an adviser and continue her work as writer and editor of the newsletter; Tanner Cooper and Sammy Derrick were also asked to serve as youth advisers. The Board may request additional advisers in the future and may create committees as necessary to conduct club business.

The newly elected Board and Officers changes were effective last night at the time of election, and all of the elected are now serving in their respective positions.

Thanks to all the members who attended the meeting last night. Thank you for your input. Thank you for your votes. And thank you for the support.

So join with me in welcoming our new Board of Directors and our Officers. It is going to be an amazing year.

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