Thursday, September 11, 2008

Upcoming Shows

Hey just a quick note to let everyone know about a few upcoming shows.

This is a great weekend for the Lowcountry Blues Club, because two of our friends will be playing this week. What's more, both of these great musicians were special guests at our anniversary show, so you all know how great they really are.

First, our friend from Savannah, Hitman, will be playing at A Dough Re Mi on Friday night. Hitman is pure electricity on the stage, and you'll swear he is the wild offspring of Hendrix and Clapton. This is a special price show for blues club members, so bring your membership card and get a discount at the door.

Then on Saturday night, Jeff Norwood will be playing at A Dough Re Mi. Jeff is a disciple of the hill country blues, and this is a special free show to make up for the cancellation of his band Decoration Day thanks to Tropical Storm Hanna. Well the entire band can't make it this weekend, but Jeff will be here. Also, Jeff is a generous guy with his stage time and loves a good jam. So he and Tommy Thunderfoot are asking folks to bring their gear and jam along. This isn't an official Lowcountry Blues Club jam, but let's come and give Jeff a big LBC welcome.

Looks like another great weekend of blues here the lowcountry.

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