Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lowcountry Blues Benefit For Paul Walls Tonight

I have often written here about what a wonderful community the Lowcountry Blues Club is.  The support, friendship and comaraderie that exists among its members is an amazing thing.  Tonight, we have a chance to express that in an deeper way.

As you probably heard, Paul Walls (drummer for the Louie D Project) recently lost his one-year old son. The boy went into surgery and never woke up. While most parents of one-year old children are worried about their child learning to walk without falling into things, Paul is faced with the devastation of loss and the reality of having to pay costly funeral expenses.

While it’s true that there may seem to be a number of benefits wrestling for our time and money, this one feels different. As a parent, I can’t imagine having to face what Paul is going through. If you don’t know Paul, The City Paper printed a fantastic feature story on him about two years ago:

Come to the Jam tonight at Home Team BBQ in West Ashley and show your support. Offer a dollar or whatever you can. If you can do more or know of someone who can, contact J.R. Getches.

Thank you.

This weekend's highlights include:

Thursday -
Sarah Cole & The Hawkes at Loggerhead's

Friday -
Port City Prophets w/ Tim Kirkendall at Smokey's Place
Momma & The Redemption at Mad River
Louie D Project w/ J.R. Getches at Bucca's Bar & Grill

Saturday -
Mason Dixon Band w/ Ryan Lockett, Martin Carmack & Scott Bucholtz at Steel Horse Saloon
W.M. Freund Solo at Shooter's in Summerville
Louie D Project at Ivory Moon
Lowcountry Blues Club Jam at Home Team BBQ WA

Sunday -
The Sunday Jam at Smokey's Place featuring Momma & The Redemption w/ Captain Kirk!

To get your events listed here, email with "For the blog" as the subject line, or contact me, Scott Bucholtz.

Don’t Forget: The Lowcountry Blues Club now gives you multiple jams… Weekly at Smokey’s Place Sports Bar & Grill at 1213 Remount Road in North Charleston is The Sunday Jam from 5 pm to 9 pm. Also Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ/West Ashley has our original jam every Wednesday at 8 pm, and also every other Saturday throughout the summer.

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