Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Compliments of the Season!

 Stevie Ray Vaughan sang “Time is all that we got. So, Baby, let’s take it”.  If you’re reading this, you probably wish that Stevie Ray could still sing those lines today.  Time is a precious commodity.  Time is not of an unlimited quantity.  My guess is that most of us take “time” for granted.  We assume that we can do it “tomorrow”.   Can we be sure?

Each of the last couple years around this time, I wrote about giving the Gift of Music.  I wrote about being thankful for having the Lowcountry Blues Club.  I wrote about the good fortune provided by the weekly Blues Jams.  I wrote about the circumstances and the people that brought me to my first jam and keep me coming back.  These sentiments are certainly points that I would like to share once again.  However, this year I would like to ask everyone to hit the “pause” button.  Take the time to share.  Share your time.  Share your love.  Share peace.

Remember: “share” is not simply the word that we click on to post something on Facebook.  Sure, those quotes, pictures, songs and sentiments can be nice.  But are they really a tangible ‘shared’ experience? Share your time.  Stop by and visit a friend or relative.  Make the phone call you have been meaning to make.  Share your love. Shake someone’s hand. Smile.  Hug.  Share peace.  Imagine.

Compliments of the season.

Louie D Project w/ J.R. Getches at Pal Joey’s Mt. P
Shrimp City Slim “Blues Happy Hour” at Toast of Charleston 5 – 8 pm

Starling w/ Captain Kirk at Smokey’s Place

The SUNDAY JAM 5 - 9 at Smokey’s Place featuring Nate Mills, Jerry Ray, Bill Nance & Motor.

Lowcountry Blues Jam at Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ WA
Skye Paige open Mic at The Wolf Track Inn
Sarah Cole & The Hawkes at Art’s Bar and Grill in Mt. P
Fowler’s Mustache at The Windjammer’s annual day after Christmas show

To get your events listed here, email or contact me, Scott Bucholtz.

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