Wednesday, February 12, 2014


WOW. Sunday at Smokey’s Place truly had me speechless. Or simply mumbling… The support for Big Daddy Cade and Bootsay was overwhelming. Speaking on behalf of the Lowcountry Blues Club, we are very proud of the way our community stepped up, turned out and contributed. Smokey’s Place was wall-to-wall people from 2 pm all the way past 9. It appeared that most everyone from the Tri-County area came – and stayed all day. I have never experienced anything like it. A lot of money was raised and a lot of incredible music was played. Now, the Cade’s are well on their way to replacing some of what was lost in the fire. They were clearly humbled and extremely appreciative.

A special thanks should be given to Smokey and the entire Smokey’s Place staff for hosting, donating and all their work, James Gann and the Gibson Guitar Corporation for the new guitars and Captain Kirk and the entire Lowcountry Blues Club community (great to have Shrimp City Slim, Gary Erwin join us too). Also, the bands and jammers that performed: Juke Joint Johnny, The Muddy Kings, Momma and Poppa Dupree, Dirt Weed and, of course, Big Daddy Cade and the house band.

The Lowcountry Blues Jam at Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ WA

My Buddy Todd (from Austin, TX) at Pawley’s Island Tavern

Momma and The Redemption at Smokey’s Place
Popcorn Chicken w/ Jig Wiggler at RU In Pub
Starling w/ Captain Kirk final appearance at Geno’s Place – Goose Creek
Mason Dixon Band at Main St. Bar and Grill - Summerville
Louie D Project w/ J.R. Getches at Club Trio
Valentine’s Day Blues and BBQ Harbor Cruise with Shrimp City Slim aboard the “Carolina Queen”

Poppa Dupree, R.L. Burnside, Skye Paige and My Buddy Todd (from Austin, TX) at Home Team BBQ WA – All Day Blues Jam and Oyster Roast
Louie D Project w/ J.R. Getches at Isle of Palms VFW
Starling w/ Captain Kirk final appearance at Bicol Valentines Ball – Weapons Station Redbank Club
Mason Dixon Band at New Moon Pizza afternoon BBQ 2-6pm

SUNDAY JAM at Smokey's Place hosted by Captain Kirk w/ Juke Joint Johnny, Billy, Jerry and Motor 5 - 9 pm
My Buddy Todd (from Austin, TX) at Home Team BBQ - SI

Smokey’s Monday Night Open Mic – Smokey’s Place

Rockpile – Rock Jam at Smokey’s Place

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