Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7 2010

Greetings blues fans, and welcome to a new year for the blues. Dan Wright and the New Beat along with Sarah Cole, and Wyatt Garey will be preforming at the international blues challenge in Memphis Tennessee.

Nothing much going on this weekend, except for Obscene machine with Charlie Kendall, Nick Mullane, and Tanner Cooper filling in for Quinten Ravanel on drums this friday at The Oasis, the cost to get in is $7 dollars and it starts at 9:00 pm.

Don't forget the Lowcountry Blues Club Jam every Tuesday night starting at 8:00 at A Dough Re Mi, and Smokey Weiner's Jam Friday night starting at 6 on Bowens Island.

The February Blues Bash brochure is now available at

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