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Bio: Skye Paige Rawks!

By Scott Bucholtz

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Skye Paige is arguably the best entertainer currently gracing the stages of the South, the East Coast and beyond. Skye Paige sings lyrics like: “The more people I meet, the more I like my dog…” and “I’m a whole lotta woman, you ain’t much of a man…” and she backs it up! On record and on stage, Skye Paige captivates the audience. Having been on covers and featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, Skye is certainly the Lowcountry’s hardest working woman in show business. Born in Anderson SC, she started life in Hartwell, GA, a town that didn't have a hospital. Then moved to Atlanta when she was four and later, traded her viola for playing a guitar, banjo and ukulele and started playing in bands by the age of 15. As she sings in “Grown Ass Woman,” a song she recently debuted at Home Team BBQ:

I’m a grown ass woman
I grew up in the city
But I came from a swamp
I'm a grown ass woman
And I’ll do what I want

Skye joined the Lowcountry Blues Club back in 2007. With influences and inspirations like Wanda Jackson, Memphis Minnie, Etta James, Led Zeppelin, Jack White, Elvis, Duane Allman, ZZ Top, Susan Tedeschi, Unknown Hinson, Hank 3, Southern Culture on the Skids, Johnny Cash... it’s easy to see where her rawkin’ attitude and sassy stage presence came from! However, she graciously adds that now, the people she knows personally are a bigger influence. If you’re lucky enough to catch her at a Blues Jam, she’ll dazzle you with some of her favorites like “Fujiyama Mama”, “Hard Headed Woman”, … Or maybe originals like “Bad Luck Woman”, “Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong” or my favorite, “Paint The Town Red”. The night following the passing of Etta James, Skye honored one of her musical heroes by sitting in with The Mason Dixon Band and myself and smoking a cover of the Jimmy Reed classic “Baby, What You Want Me To Do?” that would have made the Hall of Famer proud! Thank you, Skye!

As a long time Club Member, she mentions local favorites Sarah Cole, Johnny Mac, Bill Nance, Louie D and Dan Wright and states that she misses former Jam Master, Tommy Thunderfoot. She also wants to note another favorite, Lua Martin... “she doesn't play...but she is always there”. She has worked locally with Greg Levkus, George McDaniel, John Krucke, Roy Brooks, Micheal Murrary, Louis Dixon, Brian Widowski… Her current band consists of Mike Dumas on bass, Patrick Queen on drums and Bradley MacLean on guitar. Skye has played and recorded with much of the Southeast's finest talent, such as Dash Rip Rock, The Defilers, and Atlanta blues legend, Mudcat.

The life story of Skye Paige is certainly a classic one. While her parents were not musicians, they passed their love for what is now known as Classic Rock to Skye. My favorite anecdote involves TV; Skye said that she never watched it. Not until the advent of MTV. Her addiction to the video channel became so strong, it forced her mother to have their cable discontinued! After, many years fronting rock bands from her teens into adulthood, then stopping to raise her first son, the itch drove her back. This time she led a Jazz trio hoping to quench her thirst. She moved to Charleston in 2001 with hopes of finding a better environment to raise her children and continue her career in Jazz. The struggle to find players led her to frequent Blues jams. However, her second son and another inevitable break from music soon followed. Not having a musical outlet made her miserable. She started playing again and eventually formed her first band in town: Skye and the Sputniks. A couple years later, she discovered the Blues Club. The Sputniks eventually morphed into Skye Paige and the Original Recipe who she has been playing with since 2009.

Lyrics to “Grown Ass Woman” seem a little like déjà vu after hearing her MTV saga:

My momma called me up said she didn't like the look
Of all of my pictures on my Facebook.
She said you look like a Ho, you look like a tramp,
I said come on momma, cut me some slack
I’m a grown ass woman
I’m a grown ass woman

Her list of accomplishments and career highlights is truly impressive! She closed out 2011 by playing 25 out of 26 nights in a row over 6,000 miles (while doing all of her own driving) on tour with the Coney Island Rock-n-Roll Show. Her first full length CD, with The Original Recipe, “Whole Lotta Woman”, was featured globally in Rockabilly Magazine, the single "Just Wanna Ride" was voted “Best of the Year” in the Charleston City Paper and garnered her a nomination for "Best Rock Female" by the Carolina Music Awards in 2010. She won 1st place at the Myrtle Beach House of Blues "Battle of the Blues" and has been a featured artist at numerous festivals across the South and East Coast including Heavy Rebel Weekender, Cash Bash, Elvis Fest and various Harley Davidson and ABATE biker rallies. Furthermore, she has worked with Bizarro Burlesque Productions since 2009, which was voted "Best Stage Show 2009," by Charleston City Paper. She has even won Pin Up Competitions including 1st place in the "Undead Girl Pin Up 2010" and 3rd Place in Hellbounders Memorial Day show.

When you first witness Skye in action, you can’t help but take notice. She has a real command of the audience and the stage. Jam nights feature a plethora of real musical talent, but when Skye takes the stage, there is an obvious difference. Ears perk up and heads turn.

I’m just trying to pay my bills
Tryin’ to get out of Loserville

Ya, she works it. My attempt to describe it and tell you about it almost seems futile. Her lyrics and her performances tell it best. From her guest appearances, to her solo work, her Jazz duo, The Original Recipe and Bizarro Burlesque to her doting on her young boys… she’s always workin’ it. If you haven’t already, you must pick up “Whole Lotta Woman” and go see her in person.

Visit and mark your calendars. She’ll be hitting hot spots across the Lowcountry and from Savannah, GA to Fayettville, NC throughout February and March. As if that is not enough, she is currently working on a Jazz duo with piano player Michael Murray. And she plans to have a new Original Recipe CD released by late spring. Plans after that? Tour!!! Tour!! Tour!!!

You can also find Skye Paige on Facebook, and become a fan of Skye Paige and the Original Recipe, to keep up to date on all things happening with the Original Recipe and Bizarro Burlesque Productions!!

While The J Edwards band represents The Lowcountry Blues Club in Memphis (wish them luck!), this weekend in the Lowcountry you have many fantastic options for your entertainment:

OLD YOU kicks off the weekend on the Vendue Rooftop @ 6 then you can find them later at Wild Wings on Market
MOMMA & THE REDEMPTION w/ Jojo Wall and family is at Smokey’s Place
MASON DIXON w/ Scott Bucholtz is at The Moonshine Saloon in Summerville
STARLING w/ Captain Kirk is at Fat Boys in Moncks Corner

SHONUFF w/ Jon Hager plays at 5pm at the Pour House as part of the Follywood Party that continues into the evening
The PORT CITY PROPHETS w/ Tim Kirkendall are at the Montreux Bar & Grill
OLD YOU is at Loggerheads on Folly
MASON DIXON w/ Scott Bucholtz is at Cat Daddy’s in Ridgeville
STARLING w/ Captain Kirk is at Nick’s Place in Harleysville
SARAH COLE & THE HAWKES are at the Kickin' Chicken/James Island

No jam at Smokey's - cancelled due to the Super Bowl - but come again the following Sunday...

And remember, we're just one week away from the 22nd annual LOWCOUNTRY BLUES BASH -- February 8-21, 2012
Metro Charleston, South Carolina, organized by Godfather of the Blues Gary Erwin
14 days, 59 acts, now up to 26 venues and 102 shows
Many FREE and all-ages shows
Live blues day & night
Local, regional, national, international artists
All small venues (the way the blues was meant to be experienced)



If you want to see your band's gigs in this newsletter, send all the details to, with "For the blog" as the subject line. We usually send out the newsletter on Thursday or Friday, so get the info in before Wednesday, please. Or just post to facebook directly!

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See you at the Wednesday night jam!

LMW and SB, February 2, 2012

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