Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's Blues Time! Get Ready for the Challenge.

Attention area Blues Bands:

The International Blues Challenge is just around the corner again. The Lowcountry Blues Club is committed to sending a representative band to Memphis again to compete. We have preliminary rounds scheduled beginning October 14th! Get your licks sweetened and your notes in order and stay tuned for more details…

Highlights for this week include:

Jam Night at Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ - WA

Momma & the Redemption w/ Momma, Poppa, Jojo & Dale at Smokey’s Place
Mason Dixon w/ Ryan Lockett, Martin Carmack & Scott Bucholtz @ The Steel Horse Saloon, Moncks Corner – 7:30
Louie D Project w/ J.R. Getches, Jesse Anderson & Paul Walls at Snapper Jack’s on Folly

Starling w/ Captain Kirk at Main Street Bar & Grill in Summerville
Mad Mike & North By South Band at Henry’s On Market
Mason Dixon w/ Lockett, Carmack & Bucholtz @ Famous Joe’s, WA
Louie D Project w/ J.R., Paul & Jesse at The Brick

The Sunday Jam @ Smokey’s Place feat. Nate Mills, Jerry Ray, Bill Nance & Motor from 5 - 9.

To get your events listed here, email or contact me, Scott Bucholtz.

Don’t forget to give your vote to one of our members in the 2012 CPMA’s!!

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