Friday, October 10, 2008

Upcoming Shows - 10 October 2008 - Update #1

I believe that I may have jumped the gun and erroneously reported the events happening at A Dough Re Mi on Saturday, October 11th. I will be contacting folks handling the Songwriting Competition and A Dough Re Mi booking and find out exactly what is going on. I will post the information once I have it.

To keep up to date about what is going on for Saturday night at A Dough Re Mi, please visit our blog site at and I will post a message there with the correct information once I have it.

Those of you getting this message via email, also please check the blog site as the email from the blog entries can only be sent once a day, and it is possible that the corrected information may not be mailed out until Sunday.

I apologize for the confusion, and will have this cleared up as soon as possible.

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