Friday, October 10, 2008

Upcoming Shows - 10 October 2008

We've got another great week of music lined up around the lowcountry, around the state, and even around the world.

Kicking things off locally is the Wyatt Garey Band at A Dough Re Mi on Friday. Wyatt is one the great younger musicians that we have playing with us on Tuesday nights and his band has toured all up and down the East Coast. In addition to the blues stylings that we know Wyatt for, he and his father are well respected musicians in the Gospel community and toured extensively in that area as well.

Also on Friday, our fearless band leader, Tommy Thunderfoot, will be taking his amazing bad, The Accelerators to Sumter, SC. Last time they played there, they packed the house with a few hundred fans. Needless to say, our best kept secret is finally getting out and Tommy and the band will be in great demand in the years to come. Just so I show proper love to our members, the Accelerators lineup also includes other Lowcountry Blues Club jam faithfuls: Dave Jones on Bass, Stone Cold Sarah Cole on guitar, and Sammy Derrick on drums.

And just because we're who we are, we'd thought we let you know that Shrimp City Slim will be playing the MacauSoul festival in Macaue, China, tonight, and all through the weekend and next week too. So if you just happen to be in that part of the world, stop and say hi to Shrimp. And I have to admit, I think its very cool that he's playing internationally. Shrimp, show our Asian friends how we deliver blues and soul from the Lowcountry.

The bad news is that on Saturday, the Lowcountry Blues Club was planning to have a preliminary round of a Pro-Am songwriting competition. Well, we just didn't get enough participants to sign up, so we're going to have to council this round. We're still looking to have a second round on October 18th and the winner will playing a paid gig on October 25th. All the shows are scheduled to be at A Dough Re Mi.

The good news is that Skye Paige will be playing a solo acoustic set at A Dough Re Mi on Saturday night instead of the songwriting competition.

Last, but not least, Cole Train will be playing at A Dough Re Mi on Sunday for a special early all ages show. If you're not in the loop, Cole Train is made up of several of the Lowcountry Blues Club's younger members: Stone Cold Sarah Cole, Nate Merli, and Tanner Cooper. They've recently opened for Tommy Thunderfoot & The Accelerators and Scott Holt. In addition, they've played the Music Farm and the Women in Blues Festival up in Wilmington. This young band is on the move.

But wait!!!!

That's not all...

The Cole Train show is actually going to be a celebration of Stone Cold Sarah Cole's 16th birthday. So you know the band is going to be delivering the goods at this show, and you don't want to miss it.

So here's the recap of the weekend shows.
  • Fri 10/10, Wyatt Garey Band at A Dough Re Mi
  • Fri 10/10, Tommy Thunderfoot & The Accelerators at Legacies - Sumter, SC
  • Fri 10/9, Shrimp City Slim at MacauSoul - Macau, China
  • Sat 10/12, Shrimp City Slim at MacauSoul - Macau, China
  • Sun 10/12, Cole Train at A Dough Re Mi - Stone Cold Sarah Cole's Birthday Party
  • Sun 10/12, Shrimp City Slim at MacauSoul - Macau, China

And he's what's coming up this week:
  • Mon 10/13, Shrimp City Slim at MacauSoul - Macau, China
  • Tue 10/14, Lowcountry Blues Club Jam at A Dough Re Mi
  • Tue 10/14, Shrimp City Slim at MacauSoul - Macau, China
  • Wed 10/15, Shrimp City Slim at MacauSoul - Macau, China
  • Thu 10/16, Shrimp City Slim at MacauSoul - Macau, China
Another great week of music ahead, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone out and about.

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