Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blues bash and the jam

I hope everyone is enjoying the Blues Bash so far! Just wanted to let you know that if you have re-joined the blues club for the year 2010, you need to bring your membership card to A Dough Re Mi on Tuesday night for the jam. The jam will be free to members this coming Tuesday, but it's $5 for non-members. If you still need to sign up for the new year, you can do that on Tuesday at the door ($10 for individuals, $25 for family or band, free for the under 21 set).

Then next Tuesday, we have a special rate for the jam because Scott Holt will be there to put on a show and then host the jam -- that will be $10 for non-members, and just $5 for members -- so keep that membership card in your wallet, and be prepared for some fun times. . .

LMW, Feb 7, 2010

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