Monday, February 15, 2010

A special jam on Tuesday, February 16th

Hi Blues Fans -

We've got a special jam this Tuesday, Feb 16, at A Dough Re Mi. Scott Holt, formerly the guitarist for Buddy Guy, is coming in to put on a show and to help host the jam. It should be a very fun night! Usually the jam is free, of course, but not during the Blues Bash. So, if you're a current member of the LBC, bring your membership card and you'll pay just $5 to get in. Non-members pay $10. If your card is from last year, just bring money to renew, and we'll get you a new card for 2010. We definitely appreciate all the people who join up to show their support of the Lowcountry Blues Club, and hope you'll all get to come and enjoy this special night!

And in other news, our own jam-master Dan Wright and his band played the opening slot for Steve Simon's night of blues at the Charleston Music Hall this past Saturday night, and they put on a great show! Then later they kicked off the after-party at South End Brewery, and jammed with Billy Gibson, The Prince of Beale Street. Dan's guitar playing was as awesome as always, Landon Moore was jamming on bass, and Quentin Ravanel wowed the crowd with his drumming -- a very fun night! And Steve Simon invited the LBC to have a table in the lobby to help spread the word about our club -- we thank him for giving Dan's band a chance to play, and for helping us to make the club more well-known around town!

The Blues Bash has been wonderful again this year, and we hope you've had a chance to get out and see lots of shows. Don't forget to thank Gary Erwin if you see him while you're out and about!

Speaking of shows, you may have missed Sarah Cole's band, as they played at the same time as our Tuesday night jam last week. They did a wonderful job as well, and we hope you'll get the chance to see Sarah play this coming Tuesday, with Scott Holt, at the Dough. . .

One note of sadness -- I was so sorry to hear about a car accident which took the life of Lil Dave Thompson, who was on his way home to MS after playing a show at Home Team/ Sullivans Island. You can go to his website,, to learn more about him, his family, and his music. Keep in mind that life is fragile, and you just never know what might happen. But here's hoping that all of you stay safe, and can come out to a blues show sometime soon. . .

LMW, Feb 15, 2010

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